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Community Garden Design

Community Garden – A wonderfully interesting project in the heart of Bedfordshire, a design was commisioned by the Parish Council for a Community Garden.  Available to all to enjoy, including children, the elderly and infirm, and open all year round, so interest was required throughout all four seasons.

remembrance garden design

 A grassed area was set aside next to the current graveyard with the grounds of the local church, for the new community garden.

community garden ideas

Planting was to be low maintenance and safe for children and dogs, whilst adding tranquil colour and movement to the area.

remembrance garden ideas

The paths had to be safe and flat, and grass was not wanted because of the maintenance aspect, and costs involved in the upkeep of a lawn, so creeping thyme was used instead, which when in flower, looks stunning. This was also used as stones of interment were to be placed within this area as needed.

community garden low maintenance planting

Whilst plant were small when planted due to budget restrictions, within a year they looked fabulous, with bees and butterflies attracted to the garden of Remembrance.

community garden design stone

A Remembrance Stone was to take pride of place at one end of the garden, inscribed with the names of Soldiers, and each year in November they are Remembered.

community garden design

At the opening ceremony, the garden is unveiled to the local community and village garden design plans in bedfordshire

community garden design